Library as Knowledge Building Commons

This wiki is for gathering ideas and observations as Broadus Wood Elementary School library revamps the physical space to become more student centered. We are looking at how students want to use space, books and electronic resources. Our goal is to plan around those zones and activities, with the central idea being inquiry-driven learning.

M is for Maira - 3D mural for NYC school by Maira Kalman

Involved in this project:

Albemarle County Public Schools Superintendent Pam Moran

Principal Kendra King

School Librarian and Tech Lead Teacher Melissa Techman

Ira Socol, Universal Design for Learning Technology Researcher at Michigan State University

Melanie Bowyer, Tech Ed graduate student

Paula White, distinguished tech leader and teacher of the gifted at Crozet Elem, ACPS

Nina Lahham, interior design student at Virginia Tech

and many helpful Twitter colleagues

image courtesy Apartment Therapy - photo of Maira Kalman's mural as part of the Robin Hood Foundation projects for NYC school libraries.