Technology Assets

laptops, desktops (number TBD by October 2010)

one mounted LCD facing whiteboard perpendicular to windows

Smartboard on wheels

12 iPod Touches in charging station

1 Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera

1 Canon digital camera

1 mounted LCD projector

1 IPEVO document camera ( $69! 4 stars on Amazon - they gave a free one to our library!)

What We'd Like


to have the library loaner LCD projector mounted in the Story Time area, to give us 2 functional projection spaces

some big thin old monitors - talk to tech guys re what adapters, switchers etc so students can plug into them

dedicated color printer - look at cost of ink THEN cost of printer

ask Lexis-Nexis or other big local company for paper donations (for paper scultptures, posters, etc.)

10 black/gray lapdesks Ikea $15 each

table topped with idea paint (whiteboard paint)

have curved whiteboard so as to photograph things in insolation (what is that called?)

break up the 3 joined shelves that make up the last NF range and put strong lockable wheels on them - so as to make them movable and useful to configure spaces

Students need JMRL library cards. Overdrive is coming (downloadable audiobooks and later JMRL will offer free ebook downloads.)