Student Ideas

Maybe we could paint the walls where the computers are now a more fun color other than white.

I love the idea of the tunnel. In my room I have blue lights
but if kids will want to read in there that would not work. The part where you can see the story time room I think should be either covered or have a wall built there.

I think that in the hall with the door to the playground there should be walls where the computer desks are now. and the doorway to the storytime room and the room across from it there should be curtains that are tied back. I also like the tunnel idea and think the walls should be lined with shelfs with books or other things on them.

I think that we should put a tunnel and take out the computer desks to have displays an also put colored glass on the windows I think we should also tie back curtains on the doors

I think we should make it easier for kids to check out books. We could put easy signs up to read like a big up and down sign saying series and under that put ... a few popular series names. I also think we should put a "little reading corner" up in the story time room. It will make kids feel cozy and you could put pillows and a small rug so when kids find a book they can go "sit and read". - Lucia

I think each section of the library should have a different theme (nonfiction could be Jamestown, fiction could be a castle, the storytime room should be the outdoors, and the room with the projector could be under the sea). You could have kids paint the rooms like in the cafeteria.-Holly

I think that we should put a metal rod (a very long shower curtain/drape rod) up to separate the room with the projector from the nonfiction section and put different color drapes/curtains/shower curtains to really liven up the room with the projector.-Claire