1. Virtual Learning Commons
this collaborative Google site has good ideas about how students could use a learning commons - done by students of Dr. David Loertscher, SJSU

2. The Usable Library
short and pithy, last part has some good ideas

3. Vicki's Info Page
Excellent overall look at Library design considerations.

4. Learning Commons part of Teacher Librarian ning.

5. The Third Teacher the importance of environment

6. Make Your Space as Collaborative as the Stanford d.school
Nice article in Fast Company Magazine, with good steps and things to keep in focus.

7. and this site on K12 exemplars from the d.school:

8. Pentagram Design - the Library Initiative
a Robin Hood Foundation project to add murals to high walls in NYC schl libraries

9. Arvind Gupta's Toys from Trash site
Great ideas for design thinking. Recycle stuff into toys and science experiments.

10. article in SLJ 2008 by David Loertscher: Flip This Library