1. @janeinjava


Jane is a teacher in Indonesia.
The tunnel changes themes. The Mac minis make the screens interactive.

2. Library Spaces wikipage on the Elementary Library Routines Wiki
list of people willing to talk about their recent renovations

3. @nalibrandi
Nancy Alibrandi, School librarian in NH
" Using donation to school to set up a digital media production studio for podcasting & video; piloting math and sci. centers."

4. @DJ345
Donna Bills is a Texas schl librarian working with a very young population (K-1?).
From a recent tweet:
@nalibrandi I think @mtechman is looking at adding a video production area. I am working on a science center and iPod touch listening/literacy center.

5. Robin Cicchetti and her CCHS learning commons
Melissa Techman: I met Robin when she presented at the School Library Journal Summit 2009 in DC. Amazing presentation of a total transformation of a library into a heavily used space!

6. Consultant Stephen Huppell
old site, visual assault, but some good examples

7. @dmcordell
Diane Cordell, retired and very active school librarian in NY state.
Great idea: work from usage to arrangement & policy rather than vice versa!

memo to self - add Dr. Loertscher, mrschu, erniec, keisa soon